The University of California Multi-Campus Research Unit in World History

World History: Research, Teaching, Agendas

May 18 & 19, 2002

University of California, Riverside

University Extension Center

Conference Room B

Friday May 17, 2002

6:30 pm    Dinner/Reception at the home of Prof. Ray Kea
                3958 Chapman Place
                Riverside, CA
                Tel: 909 683-4824

Saturday, May 18, 2002

8:00 Continental Breakfast
        UCR Extension Center Conference Room B

8:45 Opening remarks: Ray Kea and Ken Pomeranz

9:00 Session 1: Identity Politics and Networks

Chair: Ray Kea (UCR History)

Shobana Shankar (UCLA History)
Missions and the Production of World History

David Reeves (UCR History)
Peasant Resistance to Collectivization in Azerbaijan: Possible Avenues for Future Research

David Ringrose (UCSD History)
Europe Joins the World: European cities and Affinity Networks Overseas 16th- 18th Centuries

10:30 Break 

11:00 Session 2: Empire and Imperial Knowledge
Chair: Tom Cogswell (UCR History)

Benjamin Weil (UCSC Environmental Studies)
Conservation and the Imperial Indian Forest Service

Douglas McGetchin (UCSD History)
An Indo-Germanic Connection?

S. Ravi Rajan (UCSC Environmental Studies)
The Empire Strikes Back: The War, the Usual Suspects, and State Patronage for Science and the Environment

12:30 Lunch at Boompa’s Italian Resturant

2:00 Session 3: Thinking Globally: Elites, Movements, and Nations

Chair: Kiril Tomoff (UCR History)

Thomas Ehrlich Reifer and Christopher Chase-Dunn (UCR Sociology)
19th Century Global Elites: A Comparative World-Historical Approach

Debbie Dokhi Bibiyan (UCLA Political Science)
The Study of International History

Owen Jones (UCR History)
Dispersion and Flight in Verapaz, Kingdom of Guatemala: 1790-1825

Shoon Lio (UCR Sociology)
Transnational Social Movements in the 19th Century

3:30 Break

4:00 Session 4: Women and World History

Chair: Devra Weber (UCR History)

Kim Earhart (UCR History)
Travel Writing, Gender and Colonialism: Africa and European Women

Ian Chambers (UCR History)
“Now we act more like Women than Head Men”: Gender and the Native American in the Colonial Southeast
Amy Aisen (UCSC History)
Tunisian Women and Independence

7:00 Dinner at Sevilla Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar
        3252 Mission Inn Ave., Downtown Riverside

Sunday, May 19, 2002

8:00    Continental Breakfast
           UCR Extension Center Conference Room B

9:00 – 10:30 Session 1: Carceral Histories: Prisons, Plantations, and Reservations

Chair: Terry Burke (UCSC History)

Piya Chaterjee (UCR Women's Studies)
Plantation States: Indentureship and other Carceral Disciplines in Post/Colonial Plantations

Dylan Rodriguez (UCR Ethnic Studies)
Prison Space and Crisis States: The Political Logic of Mass-Based Imprisonment

Robert Perez (UCR History)

10:30 Break

11:00 Session 2: Roundtable - Teaching World History: Concepts and Ideas

Chair: Sharon Salinger (UCR History)

Chris Monty (UCLA History)
Bringing World History Research into the Classroom

The following presenters will make short comments in order to facilitate an open discussion with the audience:

Karen Wilson (UCR History)
Arch Getty (UCLA History)
Randolph Head (UCR History)

12:30 Closing Remarks: Ken Pomeranz

1:00    End of meeting