Sponsored by the
University of California World History Workshop

Organized by Prof. Richard von Glahn



University of California, Los Angeles

December 6-7, 2003

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8:30-9:00: Light Breakfast & Registration


9:00-9:15: Welcome


9:15-11:00: Panel 1: Counter-Currents in World History (I)


Andrew Apter, UCLA

            Creole Divides: Race, Class and Ritual Stratification in Afro-Caribbean



Shobana Shankar, New School for Social Research/University of Connecticut

Conversion and the Problem of World Religion in Nigeria


Wade Graham, UCLA

Environmental Stress and Social Evolution: Two Experiences of

Settlement from Molokai, Hawai'i


            Commentator: Ray Kea, UC Riverside


11:00-11:15 Break


11:15-12:30: Panel 2: Women in the Twentieth-Century World


Alexandra Epstein, UC Irvine

Looking West: California Women and Visions of the World


Elena Shulman, UCLA

The Makings of a New Motherland: Women's Labors on the Soviet

Frontier, 1937-1939


            Commentator: Barbara Keys, California State University, Sacramento



12:30-2:00: Lunch Break


2:00-3:45: Panel 3: Macrohistorical Perspectives (I)


Christopher Chase-Dunn & Daniel Pasciuti, UC Riverside
                       City and Empire Growth/Decline Phases in the Ancient Mesopotamian 
                                        and Egyptian World-Systems


Dennis O. Flynn and Arturo Giráldez, University of the Pacific

Path Dependence, Time Lags and the Birth of Globalisation: A Critique

of O'Rourke and Williamson


David Christian, San Diego State University

                        "What is History?" Revisited


            Commentator: Kenneth Pomeranz, UC Irvine


3:45-4:00: Break


4:00-5:45: Panel 4: Early Modern Peregrinations: A Social Biographical Approach


Maia Ramnath, UC Santa Cruz

The Tale of George Thomas: Mercenaries, Mayhem and Statebuilding in

Post-Mughal India


Kevin McDonald, UC Santa Cruz

            'A Man of Courage and Activity': Thomas Tew, Anglo-American Piracy,

and the New York-to-Madgascar Trade Network, 1690-1720


Anders Otterness, UC Santa Cruz

'El quatro se llama Estevanico; es negro alarabe, natural de Azemmour':

Estevan, North African, Iberian, and Native Slavery in the North

American Southwest, 1528-1540


            Commentator: Randy Head, UC Riverside


6:00-7:30: Dinner







8:30-9:00: Light Breakfast


9:00-10:45: Panel 5: Counter-Currents in World History (II)


            Alan Christy, UC Santa Cruz

                        Being Non-Viable: Okinawa and World History


            Martin Lewis, Stanford University

Cores, Peripheries, and Counter-Cores: The Philippines in World



            Luke Clossey and Chad Denton, UC Berkeley

The Student Perspective on the Global Perspective: Reflections on an

Undergraduate Seminar on the Early Modern World


            Commentator: Richard von Glahn, UCLA


10:45-11:00: Break


11:00-12:15: Panel 6: Macro-Historical Perspectives (II)


Alexis Álvarez, UC Riverside

Clash of Civilizations: Cycles of Primacy in Afroeurasia, 200-1850 CE


George Bryan Souza, University of Texas, San Antonio & Indiana University

Dyeing Red: Southeast Asian Sappanwood in the Seventeenth and

Eighteenth Centuries


            Commentator: Steven Topik, UC Irvine


12:15-12:45 Business Meeting

Paper abstracts

Travel and lodging information