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This page contains updates and information from the group developing a World History Mult-Campus Research Group at the University of California. Please feel free to contact us for further information and resources.

On March 16, 2006, the UC-WHW invited Prof. David Christian of SDSU to give a talk at UC-Riverside, entitled "Universal History Rides Again!" The talk was well attended by faculty and students from History, Sociology, and other departments, including Chris Chase-Dunn and his visiting colleague Stephen Sanderson.

The February 2006 conference, Gender and World History, took place at UC-Irvine with a full program.  Prof. Merry Wiesner-Hanks offered the keynote talk, “Gender in World History: Rousing Successes, Good Starts, Puzzling Holes.”

Fall, 2003: Progress on the creation of the e-Scholarship repository has been steady. The current editor/coordinator is Randy Head of UCR; the editorial board currently includes Alan Christie, J. Arch Getty, Ray Kea, and Ravi Rajan. We would still like at least two more members for the editorial board, and are especially interested in those working in economic history or historical sociology, and gender in world history.

Spring, 2003. At the Santa Cruz conference in April, the Steering Committee met and made several decisions. The first was to hold an annual dissertation workshop for UC students working on themes with a global dimension. During a long weekend, a small group of advanced students and faculty will meet for intensive discussions of dissertation proposals. Prof. Richard von Glahn at UCLA will organize and coordinate the first workshop, planned for the fall of 2003 at UCLA.

In addition, the World History Workshop has been invited to create a section in the new California Digital Library e-Scholarship initiative, in collaboration with the UC Press. Randy Head was appointed coordinator for this project, which will contain working papers, essays, and related scholarly production from group members and graduate students.

October, 2001: The MRG's website is now officially located at:, as you will notice in the URL line of your web browser. Further improvements and upgrades are pending.


March, 2001: An April, 2001 conference sponsored by the UCI Labor Studies Program on Reflections and Perspectives on Globalization and the Condition of Labor is described on the "Conferences Page". Thanks to Gilbert Gonzalez for making the program available.

July, 2000: In June of 2000, the group's proposal was approved for five years of funding by the Office of the President. The Prinicipal Investigator and group chair is Kenneth Pomeranz of Irvine. Thanks to all who participated in our conferences in 1999-2000, and who supported the predecessor intercampus group, "Modernity's Histories in Global Context" and attended its conferences.