Modernity's Histories: The Long Nineteenth Century, 1789-1914


A Conference at the University of California, Davis, May 19-21

Program as of May 18, 2000.
Links to abstracts and papers have been added as received.
Please contact Randy Head for additions, changes, etc.


8:30-9 Coffee

9:00 Welcome: John Hall, UCD, Director, Center for History, Society and Culture

9:!5-10:15 Keynote Address: Edmund Burke III, UCSC: "Modernity's Histories: The Long Nineteenth Century, 1789-1914"

10:15 -12:30 Session: "The Creation of Marginality in the Age of Colonialism"

Chair: Kenneth Pomeranz, UCI
1. John Marino, UCSD "Mezzogiorno and Modernity"  
2. Jose Moya, UCLA, "Five Macro Revolutions and Transatlantic Migration during the 19th Century"
(Internal Break, 11:15-11:30)  
3. Chipasha Luchembe, Visiting Scholar, UCR: "Colonialism and the Creation of Ethnic Stereotypes in Africa"

4. Maria Gritsch, UCLA: "The Historical Origins of Underdevelopment: An Intra-Class Conflict Theory of Venezuela's Economic and Political Trajectory"

12:30-2 Lunch

2-3:30 Session: "Histories of Production and Consumption"

Chair: Arnold Bauer UCD
1. Jason Ward, UCR: "How Hegemony Works: Nationalism, Consumption and Resistance in Michoacán and Kongo

2. Piya Chatterjee, UCR, "Tea's Nations: Women, Domesticity, and Other Rituals of Consumption"

3. Susan Mann, UCD: "Engendering the Histories of Agrarian Civilizations: Gender, Consumption, and Taste in the Commercial Economies of Asia, 1600-1900"

[4. (paper distributed at registration): Nikki Keddie, UCLA: "Trends Encouraging or Inhibiting Industrial Capitalism: A Comparison of Japan and the Middle East in the Nineteenth Century"]
* Professor Keddie and Professor Topik graciously agreed not to read their papers, owing to time constraints and to make room for graduate student presenters. Professor Keddie's paper  can be requested from the program organizor  and will be distributed during the conference.]

3:30-3:45 Break

3:45-5:15 Session: "Science, Technology and Colonial Projects"

Chair: Randy Head, UCR
1. Ravi Rajan, UCSC: "Modernizing Nature: Continental Forestry and the Politics of Alternatives in India, 1870 - 1990."

2. Dennis Kortheuer UCI: "The French have Landed on the Shores of Santa Rosalia, or: How the Second Industrial Revolution, Porfirian 'Progress' and the Rothschilds Brought Baja California Sur Into the 'Modern' World" [abstract] [paper]

3. Douglas Haynes, UCI: "British Imperialism in the Making of Victorian Medicine"


9-9:30 Coffee

9:30-11:00 Session: "Representing Nations, Empires, Others"

Chair: Terry Burke, UCSC
1. Gabi Piterberg, UCLA, "The perils of neo-Orientalism in Middle East history"

2. Jennifer Steenshorn, UCI: "Empire and Exhibitions: the New York and Dublin International Exhibitions of 1853-54."

3. William Hagen, UCD: "Nationalism and Social Redemption in Nineteenth Century Central Europe: Heine, Wagner, Mickiewicz"

11-11:15 Break

11:15-12:30 Planning Workshop: MRG organization

Additional Faculty and Graduate Students Attending:

Arnold Bauer, UCD
Thomas Burr, UCD graduate student
John Hall, UCD, Center for History, Society and Culture
Randy Head, UCR
Nikki Keddie, UCLA
Ken Pomeranz, UCI
Richard Von Glahn, UCLA