The University of California

World History Workshop

Defining the Terrain: Theory and Practice of World History

Feb. 19-20, 2000

Department of History

University of California, Irvine

Organized by R. Bin Wong and Kenneth Pomeranz


Saturday, February 19, 2000

PANEL 1: Units of Analysis in World History
Beyond the Dual Revolution: the Nineteenth Century. A Collaborative Research Proposal

Terry Burke, UC-Santa Cruz

Silver: The 'Coca-Cola' of the Early Modern World?

Richard Von Glahn, UC-Los Angeles

Braudelian Regions and World History: Chinese Central Asia as a Key Example

R. Bin Wong, UC-Irvine

Discussant: Rebecca Emigh, UC-Los Angeles

PANEL 2: Teaching World History
Wrestling with Proteus: Reports on World History Pedagogy from the Classroom Front

Randolph Head, UC-Riverside

World History at UC-Irvine

Kenneth Pomeranz, UC-Irvine

The "Making of the Modern World" at UC-San Diego

David Ringrose, UC-San Diego

Discussant: Ray Kea, UC-Riverside

PANEL 3: Methods and Models for World History
Warfare, Location of Manufacturing, and Economic Growth in China and Europe

Jean-Laurent Rosenthal, UC-Los Angeles

Comparative Empires and World History

Jack Goldstone, UC-Davis

World History as a Culture of Inquiry

John Hall, UC-Davis

Discussant: Kenneth Pomeranz, UC-Irvine

Working Dinner
Sunday, February 20
PANEL 4: Comparisons and Relations
Ethnic/Diaspora Studies and World History

Paul Spickard, UC-Santa Barbara

Border Crossings and Boundary Displacements: The History of Area Studies and the Future of World History

Alan Christy, UC-Santa Cruz

Some Comparative Issues in the World History of Science and Technology: Jesuit Learning in Late Imperial China

Ben Elman, UC-Los Angeles

Discussant: Steven Topik, UC-Irvine