World History Workshop
A University of California Multicampus Research Group

Conference: "Between the Local and the Global in the Pre-Modern World"
May 7-8, 2005

Organized by David Ringrose, UCSD

Tentative Program.

Saturday, 8:30-10:45


PANEL I: The Atlantic World and the Larger World 


Dan Rood, UCI

Atlantic History in the Age of Freedom Fries: Some Comments on Historiography and History


Thomas Reifer, University of San Diego

The Social Origins of Global Conflict and Cooperation: Elite Conflict, Integration and Globalization from Pre-Modernity to the Present


Theme: Anarchism in the Atlantic World


Ilham Makdisi, Northeastern University

Migration Networks, Anarchism, and Globalization: Italians

In Egypt, 1880-1914


Pete Valceschini, UC Santa Cruz

Italian Anarchists and the Great War


Jose C. Moya, UCLA

1900: Anarchism and the Atlantic World


Comment: Laura Mitchell, UCI



Saturday, 11:00-12:30


PANEL II: Identity, Gender and Perception


Ian Chambers, UCR

English local and global understanding of space as seen in the historical and fictional writing of Daniel Defoe


J. Michelle Molina, UC Irvine

Jesuits and "Indians": The Devil is in the Details


Ghislaine Lydon, UCLA

Does One Carry Stones to the Mountain?: Reflections on Gender in the History of Trans-Saharan Trade


Saturday, 12:30-1:30 Lunch in adjoining room


Saturday, 1:30-3:15


PANEL III: Overlooked Global Connections


Fabio Lopez-Lazaro, Santa Clara University

Spanish Piracy in Asian Waters: The Cast of "Alonso Ramirez"


Chipasha Luchembe

Between the Global and Local in pre-colonial Southern Africa: The case of Northern Rhodesia/Zambia


Kevin McDonald, UCSC

Pirates, Merchants, Settlers, and Slaves: Making an Indo-Atlantic Trade World, 1645-1730


Jeremy Prestholdt, Northeastern Universit

The Global Repercussions of Nineteenth Century East African Consumerism


Saturday, 3:30-5:30



PANEL IV: Cities, Trade, and Large Networks


Guillermo Algaze, UCSD

The Sumerian Takeoff


Ray Kea, U.C. Riverside

The Western Sudan World-System in the Oikumene: State Systems, Cities, and World-Historical Change (8th-13th Centuries)


Christopher Chase-Dunn, UCR, and Alexis Alvarez, Hiroko Inoue, Richard Niemeyer and John Rogers

East/West Urban and Empire Synchrony


Denis Flynn, UOP and Arturo Giraldez, UOP

Born Again: Globalization's Sixteenth-Century Origins (a rejoinder to O'Rourke and Williamson about the birth date of globalization)




Sunday, 8:30-9:30


         Ross Dunn, SDSU

         Teaching World History


Sunday, 9:45-12:30


PANEL V: Science and Medicine


PART I (9:45-11:00)


David Christian, SDSUScience in World History


Adrian Lopez Denis, UCLA

Immunities, Empire, Citizenship: Smallpox Vaccination in Colonial Cuba.


Paula de Vos, SDSU

Ginger's World Odyssey: A Case of Economic botany in the Spanish Empires


PART II (11:10-12:30)


Sherry Fields, UCD

Pestilence and Headcolds: Encountering Illness in Colonial



Soyoung Suh, UCLA

The Rise and Fall of "Local Botanicals" in Seventeenth-Century Choson Korea


Fred Knight

Indigo production in the Anglo-American colonies


COMMENT: Ravi Rajan

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