PROGRAM; World History MRU Meeting, February 8-9, 2003

All sessions in Humanities Instructional Building (HIB) 135,UC Irvine

Meals will be served next door, in 137 HIB

For further information on panels, please contact Kenneth Pomeranz:

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Saturday, 8:30 ­ 9:00 Coffee and Registration


Saturday, 9:00 ­ 10:30

Regionalism, trans-regionalism, and the making of African societies

Ghislaine Lydon (History, UCLA): ³A Trans-Saharan Culture: The Case of the Tikna Long-Distance Traders²

Ray Kea (History,UCR): "World-Historical Change and Two Core Areas in Sudanic Africa, 8th-14th Century."

Discussant: Laura Mitchell, UCI


Saturday 10:45 ­12:45

Rethinking Regions: Maritime East Asia

Charles Wheeler (History UCI) : "A Maritime Logic to Vietnamese History? Littoral Society & Asian Trade in Hoi An: (Vietnam), c.1550-1830"

R. Bin Wong (History UCI) ³Transformations of East Asian Polities in Maritime East Asia: A comparison of the Ryukyu Kingdom, Taiwan and Korea, 1600-2000²

Robert Marks (History, Whittier College) ³Maritime Trade and Ecological Change in South China 1685-1850²

Discussant: Kenneth Pomeranz, UCI


LUNCH 12:45-2:00


Saturday 2:00 ­ 4:00


Silver and Global Exchange

Dennis Flynn and Arturo Giraldez (Economics and History, University of the Pacific): ³Japanese Silver in Global perspective, 1540-1640²

Richard Von Glahn (History, UCLA): "Foreign Silver Coins and the Chinese Marketplace, 1780-1880.

George Souza (Independent Scholar): ³Global Silver and the European Companies²


Saturday 4:15- 5:45

The big ­ and very big ­ pictures

Christopher Chase-Dunn (Sociology, UCR): ³Synchrony in Afroeurasian World History²

David Christian (History, SDSU): ³World History in Context²



DINNER 6:00 - ?



Sunday, 8:30-9:00 Continental breakfast


Sunday, 9:00- 11:20

Global science and technology: Mediterranean and East Asian Perspectives
Avner Ben-Zaken (History, UCLA): "Hebraist Motives, Pythagorean Itineraries and The Galilean Agendas of Naples: On the Margins of Text and Context"
Minghui Hu (History, UCI): "Measuring the Cosmos: Tension between Confucian Cosmology and Jesuit Cosmography, 1705-1753"
Meng Yue (Modern Chinese Literature, UCI): "
Clockwork as Internal Mechanism: A Minor Time Consciousness in China's
Global Culture, 1750-1900"
Mei Zhan (Anthropology, UCI): "Making science, worlding medicine"
Commentator: Amir Alexander, History of Science, UCLA



Sunday 11:30- 1:00

Cold War Politics as World History

Kiril Tomoff (History, UCR): ³Prague Spring 1948: Music and Politics in the Early Cold War²

Arch Getty (History, UCLA): ³Comparative Politics and the Nature of Bureaucratic Power: Britain and the USSR²