University of California Multi-Campus Research Group: The UC World History Workshop


"Rethinking Regions"

 Saturday and Sunday February 3-4, Irvine CA
(Program updated 1/2/01)

Saturday February 3

9:00 WELCOME (with light refreshments)

Saturday: 9:30-1200

Toward "European" Disunion: Peoples, Categories and Boundaries

William Hagen (UC Davis), The First 'Third World:' An Argument for the Concept of Eastern Europe as a Unit of Historical Analysis.

Howard Eissenstat (UCLA), Turkic Nationalists in a Turkish State: the intellectual crisis of a diaspora "come home"

Rebecca Emigh (UCLA)., Legacies of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Classification of Roma ('Gypsy') People in East and Central Europe

Discussant: TBA


Saturday 1:00-- 3:00

The Region in Theory and History

Cristopher Chase-Dunn (UC Riverside) Regions and interaction networks: a world-systems perspective.

Daniel Segal (Pitzer College) The Region as Subject in Narrative History

Saturday 3:30-6:15

If there is no 'Asia,' Then What?

Michael Burton, (UC Irvine), Reconceptualizing Regions with Anthropological Data.

Karen Leonard (UC Irvine), Using Time to Redefine Space in South and Central Asia.

R. Bin Wong ( UC Irvine), State Transformations in Regional Contexts: some East Asian examples

Joanne Rondilla and Paul Spickard (UCSB), The Filipino Question in Asia and the Pacific: Rethinking Regional Origins in Diaspora

Discussant: S. Ravi Rajan (UCSC)


Sunday, Feb. 4

9:00 Coffee, tea and light refreshements

Sunday 9:30 -12:00

Networks, Commodities and the Definition of Regions: Before, During, and After Colonialism

Jason Ward (UC Riverside), Colonialism, Commodity Chains, and the Organization of Space in Michoacan

Gilbert Gonzalez and Raul Fernandez, US-Mexico: Imagining New Borders

Ray Kea (UC Riverside), Regions, trade, and fortification systems: Some African examples (8th-18th centuries).

Discussant: TBA