Call for papers:

The UC World History Workshop and The History and Culture of Late Antiquity
(University of California Multi-Campus Research Groups)
invite contributions for a joint conference on

"The End of the Ancient World"

Saturday and Sunday, June 2-3, 2007
University of California, Los Angeles

The "end of antiquity" long dominated European self-imagining: it was seen as a cataclysmic event of abiding significance, and was the subject of what is commonly accepted as the first "modern" European history, Gibbon's Decline and Fall. At this conference we would like to open the issue up to the rest of the world. We solicit contributions pertaining to any ancient histories, including the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. We also understand 'ancient' to be flexible in temporal terms: for the Americas, for instance, the end of antiquity arguably comes as late as 1492.
Participants may approach the theme of from a variety of perspectives.  They might, for example, explore the relationship between two or more "endings"; they might adopt a comparative perspective, exploring similarities; they might consider questions of discontinuity and tradition in specific cultures or the relationship of the ancient to what follows as an historiographic problem.  Possible specific areas that might be explored in this connection might include for example religious traditions; cities as social, economic and cultural centers; intercultural relations; global networks for the transfer of ideas; maps and mapping.
Contributions that are explicitly pedagogical are also welcome.  There may be room for one "off-theme" panel at our meetings; people (especially graduate students) with an interesting proposal that does not quite fit the theme above should feel free to submit  proposals. Papers should be 20 minutes in length.  There will be no parallel sessions, so that there will be ample room for discussion.
Paper proposals for 20 minute presentations consisting of a topic and a one paragraph description (no more than 200 words) should be sent to Charles Hedrick at Hedrick (at) or Michele Salzman at michele.salzman (at) no later than March 15. Speakers will be notified of acceptance by March 31, 2007.
People interested in attending without presenting a paper should contact Claudia Rapp at claudiar (at)

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