The UC Multi-Campus Research Group in World History

presents a conference on

Gender in World Historical Studies

30 November ó 2 December 2001

Hart Hall

University of California, Davis

Friday, November 30 evening off-campus arrivals

Saturday, December 1

8:30 coffee

9 welcome Susan Mann (UCD) and Robert Moeller (UCI)

9:15-11:15 World History in the Classroom   Robert Moeller, Professor of History, UCI, Chair  
"World History Goes to the Opera"   Robert Moeller

"Humanities Out There: Teaching World History in the High School Classroom"

David Andrew Johnson, Graduate Program, Department of History,UCI, and Humanities Out There, UCI

"Centering Gender in the World History Curriculum, 1500-1870"

Ulrike Strasser and Heidi Tinsman, Department of History, UCI

11:15-noon Open discussion

noon-2 Lunch for registered participants

2-5 Plenary Panel: "Court Women and Palace Life"

Anne Walthall, Professor of History, UCI, Chair

"Banquets and Bureaucracy: Palace Entertainers in Song China" Beverly Bossler, History, UCD

"Courtesans in Louis XIV's France" Kathryn Norberg, History, UCLA

"The Phoenix and the Family: Power and Sexual Paradox in European Court Culture" Katherine Crawford, History, Vanderbilt University

"Gendered Harems and Ottoman Court Culture Leslie Peirce, History, UCB

  "Female Mobility at the Qing Court" Mark Elliott, History, UCSB   "Recruiting Women to Serve the Shogun" Anne Walthall, History, UCI

"Gendered for Success: Eunuchs at the Byzantine Court" Kathryn Ringrose, History, UCSD

  "Problems in the Study of Heian Court Women" Robert Borgen, History, UCD

continued over

5-6 Open discussion
7 p.m. Dinner for registered participants

Sunday, December 2

8:30 Coffee
9-10:30 Graduate Studies in a Global Age
Susan Mann, UCD, Chair
  "Cultural Divides: The Gendered Spheres of Entertainment in Late Nineteenth-Century Buenos Aires" by Kristen McCleary, History, UCLA

Discussant: Francesca Miller, Cross-Cultural Womenís History, UCD

"The Principle of Gender Equality vs. the Persistence of the Patriline: Surname Legislation in China in the 1930s and 1940s" by Margaret Kuo, History, UCLA

Discussant: Rosamaria Tanghetti, Cross-Cultural Womenís History, UCD

10:30-11 coffee break   11- noon "Gender, Intimacy, and Memory: Thoughts on the Writing of World History"
Chair, Miriam Silverberg, History, UCLA
  Prof. Silverberg will lead an open discussion about introducing gender into world historical narratives, which she will introduce with her own reflections on writing a world history textbook.  
For more information, contact Susan Mann, History (